Show your solidarity with those with the courage to speak out

CFI is throwing a dissent party all week in honor of blasphemy day Friday.

This week, let’s take a stand for the right to question and criticize ideas and beliefs, and demand an end to the attacks and arrests of those who exercise that right.

International Blasphemy Rights Day is this Friday, September 30, and in the days leading up, we invite you to be a part of the fight for this most fundamental of human rights. On Friday we’ll make a very important announcement to help us do even more.

In too many countries around the world, criticizing religion is illegal. We’ve seen the consequences of these laws too many times — when a tweet or a post on Facebook declaring one’s atheism or questioning a tenet of religion leads to arrests, beatings, prison, and sometimes death sentences.

Sometimes religious militants make their own laws, deciding for themselves that expressions of dissent justify brutal killings, like the grisly murders of secularists in Bangladesh, or attacks on religious minorities in Pakistan.

During the week of International Blasphemy Rights Day, show your solidarity with those with the courage to speak out, and stand in defiance of those who would silence them.

Starting today, Monday, visit CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression, and keep coming back each day this week. There you’ll find new action items for getting involved in the fight for free expression, and for bringing more allies into that fight. On Friday, we’ll announce something very special for International Blasphemy Rights Day.

These are the themes for each day of this week:

  • Today, Sept 26: Put Blasphemy on the 2016 Campaign Radar
  • Tuesday, Sept 27: Get Educated
  • Wednesday, Sept 28: Get the Word Out
  • Thursday, Sept 29: Take Action
  • Friday, Sept 30 – International Blasphemy Rights Day: Save Lives

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