The clear prejudice towards heterosexual men

This looks like a delayed April Fools joke but apparently isn’t. Neil Lyndon at the Telegraph is aggrieved that some people think prostitutes aren’t the guilty party when it comes to the sex trade.

This unusual approach to criminal responsibility – reversing legal tendencies that have developed for decades in the West to protect the customer – will be the obvious, logical outcome of France’s latest regulations governing prostitution.

Interesting point: he thinks the sex trade should be a matter of consumer protection rather than worker protection. So I guess if a punter finds a prostitute insufficiently hot when naked, he can file a consumer complaint?

What is obvious, however, is the clear prejudice towards heterosexual men which underpins the thinking of the legislators. In their minds, the woman offering sex for sale must be innocent because the man – purely by dint of being a man – is guilty.

That’s sexism, you see. Unfair to men! Men are the oppressed sex! Women should give away sex to all men who ask, for free, the whores!

Struggling for air under the suffocating ideological blanket of feminist generalisation which these authorities are casting over the subject, we might ask whether they think all prostitution involves “a known violence” against all women? Does all prostitution involve “exploitation and abuse”? Should all women be protected and all men prosecuted?

If you like a paradox, you will relish seeing these representatives of a movement that claims to liberate women and to celebrate their sexual freedoms refuse to countenance the possibility that a woman might freely and voluntarily enter into this transaction (despite the unanimity with which prostitutes and their representative bodies tell such figures to butt out and mind their own business).

Oh no, that’s not true – of course we know that some women “freely and voluntarily enter into this transaction” – we just say that they’re the privileged few and that laws shouldn’t be based on how the privileged few see the matter. And it’s far from true that prostitutes unanimously “tell such figures to butt out and mind their own business.” It would be convenient for pimps if that were true, but it’s not.

But then he goes on to use the nonce-word “hen-headed” as a pejorative, so I don’t think I’ll bother paying any more attention to him.

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