They were sitting having snacks

CNN tells us about one family plunged into grief by the Lahore bombing.

Jamat-ul-Ahrar says it was targeting Christians, but most of the victims were Muslim. Among them were a young couple who had been married just four months.

Naveed Ashraf’s mother was beside herself with loss. Her son has married just months before, and the newlyweds — both Muslim — were visiting the park with two of Naveed’s sisters.
“I entrusted them in God’s hands, now they are with God,” she said.
It was the first time his new wife, Shawana, had visited the popular spot in Lahore, one of Pakistan’s most moderate, cosmopolitan cities.
They both died in the bombing, suffering shrapnel wounds to the head and neck that poured blood, soaking their clothes, hair and faces.

Shrapnel – because the bomb, remember, was packed with ball bearings. The ones in Brussels were packed with nails.

One of Naveed’s sisters was wounded in the leg by shrapnel.

Moments before the attack, video was taken of the Ashraf family. They were sitting having snacks close to a food stand when the bombers struck.

In the aftermath, the family searched for them at the park. They found them, broken and bloodied, at the city’s Sheikh Zayed Hospital. On the way there they had helped other victims, one family in a stream of volunteers loading the injured into cars, on to motorbikes, anything that could carry them.

The sisters were covered in cloth lying side by side. One had been helped there by strangers, two men that carried her listless body — men she now calls “brothers.”

Despite her own injuries, her sister had searched for help to get her brother to hospital.

“Oh my lion son! I might as well be dead! I don’t want to act like this, but I can help it. He was my lion, my big, strong son. Oh, my son was soaked in blood,” his mother cried.

No price is to great to establish the khilāfa.

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