Those sausage wallets

Clementine Ford has found a secret Facebook group called Blokes advice. She’s been sharing some of their (cough) advice.

This is another charming post that allegedly comes from the Blokes Advice page. All jokes though, right guys? Probably the only reason bitches like me get angry about this shit is because we’re so ugly :(

I personally I would like to say, all woman are pigs and if it weren’t for their vaginas, assholes, mouths and cooking a and cleaning skills that they are born with. There would be no need to the woman kind. I personally feel dirty just being around these sausage wallets. They should be a rule they can’t come with in a meter radius of they aren’t performing sexual acts upon us

That’s women all right – 3 useful holes and innate cooking/cleaning skills. I say why bother? Just get a slab of liver and a Roomba, and go out to eat.

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