Trump says he can too so talk to Taiwan if he wants to

Trump fully understands what a colossal mistake it was for him to chat with the president of Taiwan, and he’s said so on Twitter.

No I’m kidding of course. Here’s what he said on Twitter:

Actually, Bozo, that doesn’t change anything. You’re not supposed to do it that way. There’s a process, and you’re too lazy and stupid to learn it. You’ve been skipping the briefings you’re supposed to get. You’re keeping the State Department out of the loop. You’re a runaway train, and you don’t care.

At this rate we may be in a nuclear exchange with China before the New Year, let alone before he’s actually president.

Christ. That pile of sulky suiting will be the president in a few short weeks, and he talks like a petulant child. THEY get to talk to Taiwan and I don’t, it’s NOT FAIR.

Seriously, when he’s run aground this fast, how can things possibly not get much much worse very fast?

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