Vindarnas torn

The AP reports:

An outdoor sculpture by Swedish artist Lars Vilks has partly burned down in a fire that police are investigating as a possible arson.

Vilks is best known for a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad that enraged many Muslims in 2007 and sparked death threats from extremists.

Correction: a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad that some Muslims used as a pretext to get in a rage and make death threats.

Authorities said Thursday that a fire destroyed parts of another of his works called “Nimis,” a seaside sculpture he made of driftwood in a nature reserve in southern Sweden.

Emergency services spokesman Mattias Johansson told Swedish broadcaster SVT that about one-fifth of the artwork had burned down.

Vilks, who lives in a secret location with police protection, told newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet that arsonists have tried to set fire to “Nimis” before and that he considers it “a brutal form of art criticism.”

Lars posted on Facebook an hour ago:

Det har ju brunnit på Nimis. Faktiskt tredje gången. Blir ett konstverk bättre av en brand? Troligen. I varje fall var det den här delen som gick åt, “Vindarnas torn”.

Combining Facebook’s translation with Google’s and putting them both into English, I get

They’ve burned Nimis. Actually the third time. Is a work of art improved by fire? Probably. In each case it was this part that went, “Windy Tower.”

I like Lars’s tower better than that  other one.

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