When they ask the livestock

A United Nations Population Fund report finds that more than half of teenage girls in Pakistan think men get to beat up women if they’re married to them. The Independent reports:

Refusing sex was just one of the reasons girls aged between 15 and 19 believed a husband would be justified in beating his wife, while more than 30 per cent of girls of the same age had already experienced physical or sexual violence in Pakistan.

The web of beliefs that must underlie that one is so depressing – that men own women, that marriage is the ownership of a woman (or women) by a man, that women are passive objects meant to be owned by men, that women have no right to a will of their own, that women have no right to say no to men, that women are essentially slaves, that girls and women deserve to be beaten for attempting to have a will of their own.

The report, entitled  ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People in Asia and the Pacific’, also included data from Cambodia, India, Bangladesh and Nepal which revealed similar attitudes about violence against women among teenage boys, the Express Tribune reported.

Between 25 and 51 per cent said that wife beating was justified.

It isn’t really surprising, I suppose…except that when it’s put into stark words like that, as opposed to just being how life is, it does seem surprising that the underlings say yes, we deserve to be subject to violence by our oppressors.

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