Facing backlash

So it seems that Milo Yiannopoulos is too much even for the Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller on Saturday, facing backlash, fired its opinion editor and canceled a weekly column he had offered right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

“Sad news: The Daily Caller has caved to pressure and cancelled my weekly column after a day, claiming, falsely, they never planned to run weekly contributions from me,” Yiannopoulos wrote Saturday on Facebook, adding that he was “disappointed, to put it mildly.”

Just a day prior, the Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion website, had published a column by Yiannopoulos on the topic of the sexual harassment allegations against actor Kevin Spacey.

The opinion editor offered him a regular weekly unpaid column; the editor in chief said Nope.

A note at the bottom of his Spacey column indicated it was the “first installment” in a “new weekly column.” The note is no longer attached to the column.

The news of a regular column from Yiannopoulos did not go over well.

The Daily Caller came under immediate fire on social media for giving platform to Yiannopoulos, a controversial figure associated with white nationalism who resigned from the right-wing Breitbart website earlier this year over comments he made about pederasty. Robert Mercer, the billionaire conservative donor, said earlier this week that he was “mistaken” to have supported Yiannopoulos and that he was severing ties.

Okay…any second thoughts about Trump?

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