Guest post: A handful of people with malignant personality disorders

Guest post by tiggerthewing.

It is not the trans community as such who is isolating and marginalising women. Most trans people just want to blend into the background, and not be noticed.

But not the TransNarcissists. Oh, no.

Like a lot of other mutual-support communities I’ve been involved in over the decades, a handful of people with malignant personality disorders have taken over the microphone and tried to make the whole thing about them.

This inevitably leads to the implosion of the community, because they are loud, and manipulative, and not remotely interested in supporting anyone else.

It happened in the autism communities, it happened in the atheism communities, it has happened in the trans communities, and now they are trying to bring down feminism and the women’s movement.

They are a cancer. The internet has been a wonderful tool for getting isolated people together into online communities. Unfortunately, it has also provided the perfect platform for narcissists to organise and compete – and everyone else gets to be collateral damage.

Has anyone read Interview With a Vampire? I couldn’t finish it, because it became too uncomfortable as I realised that the description of the vampire’s life was basically a metaphor for the way Cluster B personalities view and treat the rest of us.

We need to step in and support their victims. Reassure those being accused of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia that merely wearing a pink pussy hat and marching in solidarity with others isn’t any of those things. Point out that the accusers are being manipulative and abusive in order to undermine their resolve to make things better.

Some of us, thanks to talking with other victims of Cluster B vampires, have learned to recognise them by their behaviour. It’s not quite as simple as the mirror thing as shown in films – they do actually have a physical reflection; it is when they hold the mirror up to themselves that they see nothing. And *that* is why they suck the lives of those around them. Not our blood, our emotions and self-esteem.

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