Guest post: The way traitors to the country were so heavily ennobled

Originally a comment by Freemage on An early Confederate rallying cry.

If you go to Gettysburg, they have a driving trail that you go along, through the fields. Dotted throughout are the usual monuments describing key battles, but there’s also a host of monuments built declaring when individual units first arrived (typically on the spot of their original location), the unit’s composition and then listing the casualties suffered by the unit.

These monuments appear to have been individually funded by different organizations dedicated to the memory of the units–which means that the Daughters of the Confederacy have been able to inscribe the Confederate memorials with phrases like, “The brave souls from Alabama.” My father-in-law lives in Baltimore, after growing up in the Midwest and spending much of his life in California. When we went to Gettysburg with him during a visit, he was utterly flabbergasted by the way traitors to the country were so heavily ennobled.

My best friend’s wife, OTOH, is from Alabama. She long ago disabused me of the notion that real history is taught down South (she got out for a reason, and is generally quite happy to have done so).

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