Guest post: Topics in Everyday Bullshit

Guest post by Natasha Chart.

“How liberal feminism became all about the D, and therefore not any kind of feminism.”

“Why narcissists aren’t oppressed, and why you should dislike them harder if you have any sense.”

“The left never stopped hating women, they’re just trying to get into your votes.”

“Perverts and abusers feel no shame: learn to spot and reject their open-air mendacity.”

“Women are male, biology is fiction, and other stupid things I got told on social media.”

“How the sex industry bought mainstream feminism while liberal men cheered.”

“Rich men buy poor men by giving them women: you shouldn’t stand for it.”

“The Lexus and the Knowledge Tree: How feminism got replaced by pastiche and no one noticed.”

“Is ‘this’ feminist? No. Go take over your city government.”

“I identify as a Sequoia: A beginner’s guide to securing Forest Service protection.”

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