Just to shoot the breeze

Good god.


“When I’ve been reading the stories of how the President has been contacting (former FBI Director) Jim Comey over time, felt a little bit like deja vu,” [Preet] Bharara said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Trump invited Bharara to Trump Tower in New York a few weeks after the election, and Bharara said Trump asked him to stay on at the time.

Bharara said Trump called him twice during the transition “ostensibly just to shoot the breeze.”

“It was a little bit uncomfortable,” Bharara said. “But he was not the President. He was only the President-elect.”

The former US attorney said Trump called him one more time — in March, after Trump had taken office.

“I refused to return the call,” Bharara said.

He said he talked to his team and reported the phone call to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, saying it appeared Trump “was trying to cultivate some kind of relationship.”

Bharara explained it was important for him to stay at “arm’s length” from the President given the then-US attorney’s jurisdiction over business interests, including the Trump Organization’s, in New York.

He also argued that Trump knew such outreach was problematic.

Bharara said 22 hours after he declined to return the call, he was asked to resign along with the other US attorneys.

And when he didn’t he was fired.

Holy crap. Is that corrupt enough for them? Is that blatantly mobster-like enough for them? Is that grotesquely sleazy and wrong and criminal enough for them? A few weeks into his “administration”?

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