No method, really

Not so funny. From the same conversation with Fox & Weasels:

KILMEADE:   Let’s talk about you Tweeting, if we could.  You’ve attacked, recently, McCain, the FBI, Democrats. Is there a method to the attacks or is it just venting?

TRUMP:  No method, really.  It’s just — it’s not venting either.  But, you know, I felt badly when a young man dies and John McCain said that was a failed mission.  According to General Mattis, it was a very successful mission.  They get a lot of information, a lot of — a lot of different things that they really wanted to get.  And I thought it was inappropriate and I thought it was inappropriate that he goes to foreign soil and he criticizes our government.  I just think that’s just inappropriate. And, you know, people have to be careful with that.

This is the guy who spent years insisting that Obama was not a US citizen. While Obama was president, Trump insisted that. Very publicly, very noisily, very adamantly. I don’t know if he did it on “foreign soil” or not, but he did it. Is that “inappropriate”?

Is it “fake”?


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