Ordered to target financial weaknesses

Trump might have to testify in court about Trump “University” after all.

If the ninth circuit court of appeals – one of two courts that ruled against Trump’s travel ban in June – decides in her favor, Simpson intends to sue the president independently for fraud, which she hopes could see him give evidence before a jury.

“I believed in a jury trial,” Simpson told the Guardian. “It looked like we had such a strong case for trial after seven years of litigation.”

Simpson, a bankruptcy attorney who took courses at Trump University in 2010, had planned to sue on her own before learning of, and joining, one of the three class action suits.

She wasn’t told about the settlement in time to get out of the class action suit.

Trump University, a for-profit company that was not an accredited university or college, launched in 2005 with Trump promising that “students” would be mentored by hand-picked staff.

A Trump University “playbook” released in May 2016 showed that one of the pledges to enrollees read: “Only doers get rich. I know that in these three packed days, you will learn everything to make a million dollars within the next 12 months.”

The fraud lawsuits alleged that students learnt nothing of the sort, despite being encouraged to pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend weekend seminars.

Simpson, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, said she received a leaflet through the mail in 2010 and eventually ended up spending $19,000 on tuition.

“What I found from the very beginning was that it was just all upsell,” she said. “It was all a scam. It turned out it was a lot of cheerleading for Donald Trump and his successes.”

Just like the current US government. Can we sue for fraud now?

In May 2016 a federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel, made public more than 400 “playbooks”, which showed how staff were instructed to get people to accrue credit card debt to pay for tuition fees, and ordered to target financial weaknesses in a bid to sell further courses.

In other words pretty much the shittiest meanest scuzziest kind of financial crime you can engage in, cheating vulnerable individual people out of huge sums of money. Trump is scum.

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