Paid great respect to Wall

The Daily DonnieOnTwitter:

Just look at that horrible horrible picture. The scowl, the fist – and that’s a picture they choose to highlight, and it’s the picture he chooses to tweet at us. He wants to be seen as a disgusting bully; he likes that image of himself.

Who does that? Hitler did it, Mussolini did it, but besides them?

President Angry Bully. That’s how he chooses to present himself to us. It’s horrifying.

“paid great respect to Wall” – god what a stupid little man he is. He must have seen the news stories about how he stood next to the wall commemorating agents killed on the job and whined about his grievances at the media, and so he chose to say Nuh uh, he “paid great respect to Wall” – which simply disrespects it all over again. It’s sandwiched between two claims about his vast popularity, and it’s empty and offhand – not how one does “respect.”

In other words how dare people protest him. Yes, we know, and you can’t stop us, not unless you do go full-fascist.

Also, “Celebs hurt cause badly” is pretty funny coming from him. If he were not a “celeb” he would still be a failed casino-builder.

Now we get to the important stuff – his tv ratings. They’re awesome, dude! Best ever! Top celeb!

Two hours after the whine about the protests. Someone must have had a word in his shell-like about the troublesome fact that we have rights to speak and gather and protest in this country, the one he presumes to govern. It’s a tad disconcerting that he needs to be reminded.

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