Project much?

Don the Bully has been active this morning.

I suppose what he meant by “prevalent” is that there are more of them than the one non-leak of Comey sharing his notes with the Times via a friend. There is of course little reason to “believe” any such thing, and quite a lot of reason not to. One compelling reason is simply that Comey wasn’t a stifled underling, he was the head of the organization, so he generally didn’t need to “leak.” The special case would be if he needed to leak information related to Trump and Co, as Mark Felt aka Deep Throat did. If the situation had continued maybe he would have, but it doesn’t look particularly likely that he did: he kept the top FBI people informed instead.

But what really made my outrage alarm go off is that disgusting “Very ‘cowardly!'” How dare he. How dare that loathsome bully who has spent his whole life abusing people less powerful than himself call anyone else “cowardly.” Trump is the coward here. Trump who walks in on women in dressing rooms because he owns the pageant. Trump who assaults women who sit next to him on airplanes. Trump who yanked his wife’s hair out in a fit of anger. Trump who rips people off with fake “university” seminars. Trump who stiffs workers and contractors. Trump who uses Twitter to insult anyone who annoys him. Trump is the coward here. Trump is the bragging bullying self-obsessed coward. Comey made a huge mistake last October that is probably why we’re stuck with the bullying coward now, but Comey is not the coward of this particular pairing.

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