So he’s a bit of a Nazi, so what

A Trump goon bullshits Evan Davis on Newsnight.

“I’m sad to say that you and your colleagues have fallen into this trap of fake news,” the goon says.

Sebastian Gorka, his name is. He’s been news himself lately.

Donald Trump’s Deputy Assistant has angrily denied being anti-Semitic after he was spotted wearing a military medal associated with Hungarian Nazi sympathisers.

Sebastian Gorka, who is of Hungarian descent but was born and raised in the UK, was pictured wearing the controversial badge at an inaugural ball for Mr Trump and several other events.

According to the LobeLog blog, the medal was given to Mr Gorka’s father by the group Vitezi Rend – meaning Order of Heroes – that consisted of supporters of Miklos Horthy, the former ruler of Hungary, who collaborated with the Nazis during World War Two. The US State Department lists the group as being directed by Nazi Germany.

Gorka ranted at Evan Davis about talk of anti-Semitism at the White House, and used Kushner as his shield. Nope. There are women working for Trump, too; that doesn’t mean he’s not a misogynist pig. He is a misogynist pig, and women who work for him are working for a misogynist pig. Kushner is working for an ignorant bully who has no objection to anti-Semites working for him. So it goes.

Before joining Mr Trump’s team, Mr Gorka worked as a professor at the Institute of World Politics in Washington and as national security editor of Breitbart.

He was arrested in January 2016 after trying to board a plane with a 9mm pistol, charged with a weapons offence and is set to appear before a judge later this month.

Yes but Trump got 304 votes. Boom.

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