Subtle, Graun

The Guardian reports:

Kellie Maloney hits back at Jenni Murray’s trans women comments

Hm. Perhaps not the best headline ever chosen, seeing as how Kellie Maloney, back when she was called Frank Maloney, tried to strangle her wife.

Getting undressed for bed, Tracey tells him the only time she sees him happy is when he is drinking.

The red mist descends. He snaps and lunges at her, closing his hands around her neck. He sees fear flood her face. Then their two young daughters burst into the room screaming…

Kellie takes a deep breath as the ­flashback to 2005 subsides. “Who knows what could have happened,” she says.

Oh well. That was twelve whole years ago. Let’s find out about how Maloney hits back at Jenni Murray.

Kellie Maloney has said she was shocked by broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray’s suggestion that people who have undergone “sex change” operations from male to female are not “real women”.

Maloney, a fight promoter who announced in 2014 she was beginning gender reassignment, said she sees herself as a woman and would love to debate the issue with Murray.

In a room with a lot of other people, I hope.

In response, Maloney told the Press Association on Monday: “We have lived in a male-privileged world, but not by our choice. Nobody has lived in a more male-dominated world than me, but I was fighting with me, I was battling with me. This wasn’t how I wanted to live.

“You can’t choose but you can correct it if you’re wrong. That’s what a trans male or female does. I see myself as a woman and I believe I’m a woman.

“I may not have gone through everything a woman has, like childbirth, but I’ve gone through other anxiety. I would have given anything to be born a woman.”

Well we’ve all gone through anxiety. Some of us have gone through anxiety about violent men, so seeing the Guardian gloating about a man with a violent history “hitting back” at a woman for saying things is not all that soothing.

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