Meanwhile the US Ambassador to the UN was grumpy about the whole North Korea ICBM thing because it trashed her 4th of July, which is an official holiday I’ll have you know.

Damn don’t you hate when that happens? Thanks North Korea! I thought we were friends.

BuzzFeed’s Jason Leopold offered Haley a link to an ABC News explainer of her job description — “in the event you are unaware of what it entails.”

We’ll save you the trouble of reading it yourself. The former South Carolina governor, who had no foreign policy experience before President Trump appointed her, is paid to advocate for American goals at the United Nations, to its nearly 200 member nations, especially in times of crisis.

And this is a crisis, according to the experts. They say North Korea had not been expected to deliver a weapon with intercontinental range so soon, and will likely manage to eventually attach a nuclear warhead to one of them. According to a former acting CIA director, any military response to Pyongyang would risk a catastrophic war.

But don’t worry, if they do throw it they’ll just throw it at Seattle, which is just some poky little town up in the far corner that nobody cares about.

Anyway. I feel really sad that Nikki Haley missed out on the beer and hot dogs, and I hope she gets a day off next week to make up for it.

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