The administration has been strategizing

Trump’s legal team have come up with a genius plan to make this whole thing go away.

President Trump’s legal team plans to cast former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn as a liar seeking to protect himself if he accuses the president or his senior aides of any wrongdoing, according to three people familiar with the strategy.

Zowie! No wonder they make the big bucks! Who could possibly have thought of a cunning scheme like that? Those fools at the FBI certainly won’t have thought of it, so this is going to throw their whole case into disarray. I expect they’ll be calling the whole thing off by the end of today.

Attorneys for Trump and his top advisers have privately expressed confidence that Flynn does not have any evidence that could implicate the president or his White House team. But since Flynn’s cooperation agreement with prosecutors was made public earlier this month, the administration has been strategizing how to neutralize him in case the former national security adviser does make any claims.

I expect they started with planning to have him killed, but then decided that might violate one of those weird “rules” that keep plaguing Trump and co.

Trump’s legal team has seized on Flynn’s agreement with prosecutors as fodder for a possible defense, if necessary.

Who has ever thought of such a thing, other than anyone who has ever watched Law & Order or Boston Legal or The Good Wife or any other lawyer-heavy tv show over the past six or seven decades? And lawyers? Other than them, nobody. It’s sheer genius.

“He’s said it himself: He’s a liar,” said one person helping craft the strategy who was granted anonymity to describe private conversations.

Sick burn!

Outside legal experts said that discussing ways to undermine a possible witness is a natural first step for defense lawyers to consider.

“It’s pretty predictable,” said Randall D. Eliason, a former public corruption prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington. “Defense will always argue that a cooperator who lied previously should not be believed, and that there is insufficient evidence of the conspiracy. It’s Defense Strategy 101.”

Oh, shucks, there was me thinking it was so genius and original.

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