The bot-driven political scam

Stewart reports an item that’s not available in English yet:

[A] brief report on how Israeli/German satirical artist Shahak Shapira (whose work we’ve featured in the past) was involved in the takeover of 31 secret AfD Facebook groups.

Working with “Die Partei”, this was the culmination of an 11-month infiltration operation. After the infiltrators (using fake profiles) had gained the trust of the admins over many months, and had received admin privileges themselves, they staged a simultaneous coup, got rid of the “real” admins, exposed the groups’ content, including hate speech and fake news, to public view and posted a video by Shapira explaining to those members who were real the precise inner workings of the bot-driven political scam into which they’d been suckered. His bottom line was that if the AfD can’t run 31 secret Facebook groups without being overthrown, then they are also incapable of running a country (so vote for “Die Partei” instead).

Those with knowledge of German who want more can read this, which includes a link to Shapira’s video.


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