The flight to Moscow

Read the charges, the Times invites us. Ok.

Page one. For at least nine years Manafort and Gates acted as unregistered agents for Ukraine and Yanukovich. They made tens of millions doing this. They laundered the money in order to hide it from the Feds.

Page two. They were required by law to report their foreign lobbying to the Feds. They didn’t. They concealed it instead. When the DoJ asked them about it in 2016 they lied.

Manafort spent the laundered money on all the expensive things. He paid no taxes on it. He defrauded banks that loaned him money.

Page 4. Manafort worked for the pro-Russia party in Ukraine. In 2010 that party’s candidate, Yanukovich, was elected President of Ukraine. In 2014 Yanukovich fled to Moscow in the wake of protests over corruption.

There are 27 more pages.

I hope they sing like canaries.

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