The xenophobe has spoken

He can’t get even this right.

Two other people were killed – but they weren’t American, so Donald “the Boor” Trump ignores them.

One was Keith Palmer.

PC Keith Palmer, 48, was stabbed as he tried to stop the attacker in a courtyard outside the Houses of Parliament.

He was an unarmed member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Squad who had served for 15 years.

“Keith was a genuinely nice person; nobody had a bad word to say about him. When I heard what had happened I knew it would be him because that’s just the sort of guy he was, to step straight in when others might step back,” said PC James Aitkenhead, who worked alongside Keith in the TSG.

Conservative MP and former colleague James Cleverly tweeted: “A lovely man, a friend. I’m heartbroken.” Mr Cleverly said the two had served together in the Royal Artillery before PC Palmer joined the police.

In an emotional tribute in the Commons, he later described him as a “strong, professional public servant”.

The other was Aysha Frade.

Aysha Frade, who worked at DLD College London, close to Westminster Bridge, also died in the attack.

She was a British national whose mother was Spanish, the Spanish foreign ministry said.

Ms Frade lived in London with her two young daughters and husband, according to Spanish media reports.

Her father was of Cypriot origin, while her mother was from the Galician town of Betanzos, where her two sisters run an English school, the Voz de Galicia reports.

The principal of the independent sixth form college said she worked in the administration team and described her as “a highly regarded and loved” member of staff.

“She will be deeply missed by all of us,” Rachel Borland added.

But Trump, I suppose in the interests of Making America Great Again, didn’t bother to mention them. Somehow I don’t feel greater.

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