They should APOLOGIZE

The latest TrumpOnTwitter:

No. John Lewis doesn’t need the ignoramus Trump telling him what to work on, and he’s not Trump’s assistant.

Says the man whose campaign rallies were notorious for their hatemongering which often developed into violence. Says the man who spews hatred for individuals and groups every day on Twitter. Says the meanest angriest most narcissistic man ever to be elected president of the US.

Ah, people who make mistakes should apologize. When has Trump ever apologized for a mistake? He never apologized for his torrent of lies about Obama. He never apologized for bragging about grabbing women by the pussy without their permission.

He is at this moment struggling to conclude a thought that was too long for one tweet. It’s been eleven minutes now and he still hasn’t completed it.

Couldn’t do what?

Writing is hard.

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