Trump lies again

Trump being exceptionally disgusting even for him.

The Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia is “fighting for” violent gangs? How likely is that?

Greg Sargent at the Post explains:

This attack is absurd. Ed Gillespie, the GOP candidate, has been running ads that make the similar claim that Ralph Northam, the Democratic candidate, “voted in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal immigrants back on the street, increasing the threat of MS-13.” As lieutenant governor, Northam did cast a tiebreaking vote against a bill that would have prevented any locality from restricting the “enforcement of federal immigration laws.” But as noted in debunking the attack, the vote was procedurally meaningless — the result of a tactical trick by Virginia Republicans that never would have had any impact other than creating fodder for an attack ad. Regardless, Virginia doesn’t have any sanctuary cities in this sense, a fact Gillespie himself has admitted.

What’s more, this line questionably conflates undocumented immigrants with violent criminals, something that Trump himself underscored more emphatically by claiming that Northam is “fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs.” So Trump’s version is even sleazier and more dishonest than Gillespie’s rendition is.

Trump loves to scream that immigrants are CRIMINALS and a danger to our precious white virgins, but the reality is that immigrants commit less crime, not more. (It makes sense, dunnit, when you think about the incentives, not to mention the endemic violence here.)

So, whatever – an ugly race-baiting lie about a rival political candidate is just standard practice for our head of state. Same old same old.

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