I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad, but now it seems of some interest to know what kind of prize package the Milwaukee people invited to their event.

I am one of the people who were trying to warn the Mythcon organizers as to the nature of their speakers, particularly Sargon of Akkad, a fellow I have unfortunately known for some time. When it became clear that the Mythcon people were not interested, my peers and I just tried to warn as many others in the community as possible. If they want to platform people like this, at the very least we would make sure they had to own their decision, and we were not going to let them say they weren’t warned.

Let me introduce you to the Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon) that I know.

Carl came to prominence on Youtube as the most public mouthpiece of the movement called GamerGate.

The most public? I always thought that was Milo.

Carl’s first video was regarding frequent GG target Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist critic of video games who received death and rape threats regularly. Carl made over 30 videos about her specifically and a great many others that discussed her.

When I say “discussed” that is somewhat euphemistic. Carl has referred to her over the years as a con artist (implying she either instigated or perhaps even fabricated her years of well-documented abuse), a cult leader, a bitch, an authoritarian bigot against white men, and many other interesting charges. The master of the mixed message, he would tell his followers not to harass her- as that would be ‘money in her pocket’, but also that her harassment was an inevitable consequence of her bigotry. He has stated numerous times that he and other “anti-sjw’s” are in a culture war against “regressives” and “cultural Marxists”.

Familiar stuff – familiar, wearying, depressing stuff.

Let’s review some highlights:

~ After mass shooter Elliot Rogers’ deadly rampage, Carl responded to feminist Laci Green’s video on the subject by – ever so rationally- blaming the event on her in particular and the “fucking feminist SYSTEM!!” in general. This was delivered in a histrionic rant that has to be heard to be properly appreciated.

~ Carl holds a grudge against my friend, atheist Youtuber Steve Shives, for his progressivism. Carl has tried some interesting (ok, fraudulent) tactics to get Steve to debate him but has been refused. So, of course, he called upon his rationality and wit to…attack Steve’s wife. He took a two-minute video she appeared in where Steve asks her if she finds his TV show preferences sexist and she admitted she did, and from that deduced that she was a vicious harpy, forcing her feminist ideas upon poor, emotionally abused Steve. This has caused her to be attacked and maligned by many online trolls for years.

And then an item that’s kind of breathtaking:

~ One day when Carl was out shopping, he encountered a retail worker who was wearing (gasp) a “Feminist” t-shirt. He took her picture without her permission and posted it online, along with the name of the shop and the location. After this doxing, she was so badly harassed at work and frightened for her safety the police had to be involved.

He told his fans exactly where to find her, and they did. Because she wore a feminist T shirt.

And that’s the guy the Milwaukee people thought it was worth importing all the way from Swindon to their conference.

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