Who is the real lightweight?

I guess Trump was feeling bored this morning? I don’t know why else he would decide to pick another fight with a Republican senator in full public view.

Corker fired back.

The protracted Tuesday-morning brawl quickly spread from taxes and debt to foreign policy and the president’s fitness for office.

Mr. Corker said Mr. Trump was “absolutely not” a role model for the children in America.

“I don’t know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard and is debasing our country,” Mr. Corker said in a CNN interview, suggesting that he will soon convene hearings to examine the ways Mr. Trump “purposely has been breaking down relationships around the world.”

“It’s unfortunate that our nation finds itself in this place,” he added.

It’s too bad Corker didn’t say all this a year ago.

Another exciting morning at the Adult Day Care Center.

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