An outrageous amount of political bias

A reporter asks Sarah Sanders if Trump shouldn’t, rather than speaking just for himself and in his own interest, speak to and for the American people. She of course responds with a misdirection, explaining that the people elected Trump [they didn’t, actually] because they want his opinion and he should give it.

Then she explains how evil and unfair the FBI is.

We know for a fact that the FBI engaged in an outrageous amount of political bias, the fact that the FBI could deny that there was political bias within the FBI particularly under James Comey’s leadership is frankly just laughable.

But Comey was a lifelong Republican, until he ran up against Trump and his attempts to extort special treatment for Flynn. It seems quite plausible that Comey feels considerable distaste for Donald Trump, but his distaste is not political so much as it’s moral and law enforcemental. Trump is a bad man and a crook; that’s not so much political as ontological.

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