Binalakshmi Nepram on the persecution of Gulalai Ismail

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Binalakshmi Nepram, a threatened Indian human rights activist from the state of Manipur, and the 2018 #AnnaPolitkovskayaAward winner expressed her outrage at the arrest and persecution of Gulalai Ismail by the Pakistani authorities. She said:

“South Asia Under Siege ~ After crackdown on NGOs, journalists, activists, intellectuals, universities in India, neighbouring Pakistan follows suit with the arrest today of a brave woman activist Gulalai Ismail ~ The work of many like hers is to deepen democracy, for peace & justice, yet the AUTHORITARIAN REGIMES fear their work. Gulalai is just out on bail but may be detained again and her passport has been taken by the authorities. Gulalai is the recipient of the 2017 #AnnaPolitkovskayaAward and someone whose workshop Malala Yusufzai attended, while she was still in her home country.”

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