Elections are an unnecessary luxury


A Wisconsin judge Thursday ordered Gov. Scott Walker to call special elections to fill a pair of legislative seats vacated by fellow Republicans, handing a victory to Democrats who have pushed for the elections to be held.

A national Democratic group led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder filed the lawsuit on behalf of voters who argued they were disenfranchised by Walker’s decision not to call elections to fill the vacancies that occurred on Dec. 29.

Attorneys for Holder’s groups, the National Redistricting Foundation, argued that Walker has a legal obligation to call special elections as soon as possible. Democrats said the governor is afraid Democrats will win the seats, but Walker contends the lawsuit is a partisan, special interest effort to waste taxpayers’ money and he’s under no legal obligation to hold the elections.

Partisan. To expect vacated seats to be filled in a timely fashion.


Republican legislative leaders in Wisconsin called lawmakers back to the Capitol Friday afternoon to change state law governing special elections.

The move comes a day after a court ruled that Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, must hold a pair of special elections, which Walker has sought to avoid.

Democrats called the plan to change the law an “attack on democracy.”

Remember that Supreme Court vacancy that the Republicans wouldn’t let Obama fill? Remember how the Republicans just came right out and said they wouldn’t even hold hearings on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland or of anyone else Obama nominated either?

They fight dirty.

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