From Elizabeth Drew’s Washington Journal, which is her reporting on Watergate for The New Yorker – 416 pages of it plus an Afterword.

In April 1974 she had a long talk with one of Nixon’s aides.

The White House man also said that we are in a period of McCarthyism, of a “witch hunt.”

Drew told herself it was time to think carefully about what he said.

There is no question that great effort is expended to find misdeeds on the part of the Administration, but it is also apparent that there have been many misdeeds to find.

That of course applies to Trump too. Yes he is under a lot of scrutiny, but my god he has given everyone abundant reason. He has gotten away with a lot, like all this using his office to attract business and customers and payment of higher prices. He doesn’t get extra scrutiny because he’s vulgar or because he’s from Queens or because his hairdo is weird; he gets extra scrutiny because there’s so much corruption and abuse right on the surface that there’s obviously reason to look for what’s slightly under the surface.

Anyway. I think the familiar combination of criminality and resentful self-pity is interesting. “Oh it’s you again.”

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