Guest post: Anger depletion

Guest post by Robert Ahrens.

I wish I had some pithy, cool, smartass remarks to make about this week’s news.

From the indictment of Russia’s intelligence operatives and the astonishing details of their actions coupled with those of the Trump campaign, including Trump himself, to the events of today, where the President of the United States stood up before the world, on live TV and told us he trusts the leader of our most powerful enemy more than he does our own Intelligence services, I am numb.

I should be angry.

I should be virtually speechless with anger, with enraged disgust, and with outraged fury at both the actions and words of the traitor who inhabits the White House AND the Republican Party who have and continue to refuse to hold this disgusting little man to account.

But, somehow, I’m just numb.

Perhaps its because I don’t see Congress, under the GOP, doing anything. Perhaps its because the checks and balances built into this system have failed and continue to fail due to the corruption and traitorous greed being shown by the leadership of the GOP, who have been enabled by the actions of the NRA, as enticed by the Russian money offered by that Russian redhead the DOJ indicted as a foreign agent today.

Perhaps its because of the 40 some-odd percent of Americans who suck at the tit of the Republican Party and are so stupid they cannot see treason when it hits them upside the head with a baseball bat.

Whichever reason, today, I’m just numb. I cannot feel anything but sadness and a kind of listless pain I cannot fully describe.

This country has endured war, both civil and foreign, disease, famine, natural disaster, economic disaster, political disaster, and all sorts of other calamities for two hundred and forty-two years.

When I started my Federal career, this country was two hundred years old. I spent 42 years and four months serving our government and you, the American taxpayer, in both military and civilian capacities. Today, I cry.

There are people in prison today because they betrayed our country in various ways. In the past, our country has EXECUTED people for that crime. Today, I cry.

Today, a wealthy man sits in the White House, guarded by our loyal and dedicated Secret Service agents tasked with the protection of the person who occupies the office of President of the United States. To see that, I cry more.

He was elected through the actions of a foreign power with whom he and those under him colluded and plotted with to fraudulently ensure his success in gaining that office. Today, I cry.

He has turned this country upside down through refusing to abide by both law and tradition in making this government work, refused to properly enforce the law, accepted emoluments from foreign governments as of the moment he took the oath of office, and today, has taken the side of a foreign dictator over the interests of the United States, in violation of both the Constitution and his Oath of Office.

As of this evening, Pacific time, the GOP has done nothing.

Oh, yeah, a few Republicans have displayed some form of complaint to the press.

A few.

If, by this time tomorrow, Congress has not seen the filing of at least one bill of Articles of Impeachment and actually advanced that legislation in serious intent, you can be certain that the GOP is most assuredly in cahoots with Trump and the Russians.

…and this country is most assuredly screwed.

I, for one, have no idea where this goes from here, but tonight, I’m just numb.

If I didn’t have some form of cirrhosis from my overweight days, I’d go get drunk.

Somebody cheer me up.

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