Guest post: The crowd laughed because they knew it was a game

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on Look at ambassadors not there.

Somewhat OT, but still on the subject of liars, here’s your next Supreme Court justice:

Asked at an American Enterprise Institute event in March 2016 if he could think of a case that deserved to be overturned, Kavanaugh said: “Yes.” Asked if he could specify a case, Kavanaugh first responded: “No,” prompting laughter from the audience.

Hahahahaha. It’s funny because they know he means Roe v. Wade (and hell, maybe Griswold v. Connecticut while you’re at it), but they know he can’t say it because one day he may get nominated to the Court and have to testify that gosh, he’s never really thought about whether Roe v. Wade should be overturned, I mean, he’s personally pro-life but you know, stare decisis is really super duper important and all that but on the other hand there are always exceptions like Plessy v. Ferguson was bad law, so you never know but I can’t prejudge a case and I’ve certainly never ever ever expressed an opinion on overturning Roe because it’s totally normal for an adult who’s been through law school and a couple of decades of a legal career to never think about one of the most famous cases in modern Court history.

The crowd laughed because they knew it was a game. Kavanaugh’s gonna commit perjury, and Susan Collins will pretend to believe it, and isn’t that hilarious! Checkmate, libs!

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