So a woman who had the good sense and reasoning abilities to marry Eric Trump thinks the women who marched last Saturday are too stupid to know why they did it.

Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, appeared on the president’s favorite cable network Tuesday to offer her opinion on the hundreds of thousands of women who participated in marches that took place this past weekend in cities across the country.

“It was more of a hateful, anti-Trump protest, which I think is really sad because this president has done so much for women. . . . Women’s unemployment is at a 17-year low right now. And, yet, these women out there are so anti-Trump. And I don’t even think they know why. They just think that’s the thing to do,” Lara Trump told the “Fox & Friends” hosts.

Ah no. We know why. We know so many reasons. His noisy public shameless contempt for women is reason enough all by itself, given the office he holds. “Pocahontas” is reason enough; “Crooked Hillary” is reason enough; “you can grab her by the pussy” is reason enough. His address to the anti-abortion march last week. His reinstatement of the global gag rule on abortion is reason enough. The whole of his administration is reason enough times a million.

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