Sargon and Dankula on free speech

Carl Benjamin aka “Sargon of Akkad,” famed misogynist bully, was on an EU parliament panel to discuss free speech at the invitation of a UKIP MEP.

A MAN who was fined after filming a pet dog giving Nazi salutes has rubbed shoulders with Nigel Farage after being invited to speak about his case at the European Parliament.

Mark Meechan met with the former UKIP leader and his successor Gerard Batten as he spoke at a conference on threats to free speech on the internet.

Meechan, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, raised more than £193,000 through a crowdfunding page to pay for legal fees to fund an appeal against his conviction and sentence but his application was refused.

He joined UKIP in the wake of his conviction and on Monday he sat alongside leader Batten, Scots MEP David Coburn and fellow YouTuber Carl Benjamin at a panel in Strasbourg.

There’s glory for you!

Carl Benjamin captioned the video:

Count Dankula, Gerard Batten MEP, David Coburn MEP and I hosted a panel on Article 11 (the link tax), Article 13 (the copyright directive) and free speech.

Free the speech!

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