The lunatic man du jour

More thoughts on Kermit Peterson and the Times article about him:

Gail Dines:

So decided Jordan Peterson is really a comedian. Subtitle of his latest book is: “An Antidote to Chaos.” The chaos. according to this joker is the feminine and order is the masculine. Question, What would the home look like without women cooking, cleaning, tidying and ordering the home? Question: What would the world look like without women tirelessly working to clean up the messes men make wherever they go? How much worse would poverty, violence, war, global destruction be if women were not at the forefront of bringing some order to the chaos men leave in their path of destruction?

Mad dog Peterson is of no interest to me as an individual. It is the way he has captured the imagination of millions of men that scares the hell out of me. Every so often, a lunatic man comes around that somehow perfectly captures the mood and turns the “chaos” of other lunatic men into a semi-coherent theory that legitimizes their madness, hate and violence.

Soraya Chemaly:

If the boys and men in your life are drinking this rapey koolaid please don’t look away. Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy He says there’s a crisis in masculinity. Why won’t women — all these wives and witches — just behave? Barely laundered misogyny. He packs rooms with disaffected boys and men clinging to toxic norms of masculinity.

Meghan Murphy:

This is one of the most effective take downs of this man’s nonsense. He makes statements he claims are obvious truths that are demonstrably untrue, is inconsistent and unclear in his analysis, but offers angry men self-helpy solutions to their anger, so becomes famous. He tells them what they want to hear: all women will be happy if they simply stop fighting back, and become the mothers and wives they are destined to be. He conveniently ignores the fact that patriarchy has not always existed everywhere, in every culture, and that simply because something currently exists, does not mean it is the most natural or best system. Men who say things that are either vague or simplistic are revered as genius philosophers time and time again.

Clean up your room.

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