The president had strong views on all of them

Speaking of Don and Terry…Bloomberg revisits their first meeting a year ago.

Over a meal of blue cheese salad and beef ribs in the White House banqueting room, Trump held forth on a wide range of topics. “The president had strong views on all of them,” recalls Chris Wilkins, then May’s strategy director, who was among the aides around the table. “He said Brexit’s going to be the making of us. It’s going to be a brilliant thing.”

Oh god oh god can’t you just see it? We’ve all been stuck next to that guy – the one who Holds Forth on a Wide Range of Topics that he knows nothing about. The pompous bore who thinks he has valuable opinions on every subject and that he gets to force them on anyone within range. The guy who thinks a loud voice is all that’s required for an interesting opinion. The guy who has Strong Views and insists on making you a present of them.

Trump turned to May and told her he believed there were parts of London that were effectively “no-go areas” due to the number of Islamic extremists. May chose to speak up to “correct him,” Wilkins said.

Trump no doubt thought she was flirting with him as opposed to correcting him.

Trump also discussed his British golf courses and his hopes that the relationship with May would be stronger than the Thatcher-Reagan alliance. “It was an hour of the president holding court and the PM being very diplomatic and not many other people saying anything,” Wilkins said.

Mr Empty-Head “holding court” while everyone else listened and prayed to die soon.

It shows the contrast in personalities that make for an unusual relationship, albeit one still underpinned by enduring strategic military cooperation and cultural links. As one British official observed, Trump is a larger than life character and May is almost the complete opposite.

Well, “larger” in the way a Macy’s parade balloon character is larger. He’s loud, he’s noisy, he’s shouty – but so is a thunderstorm.

During formal phone calls between the two leaders, May finds it almost impossible to make headway and get her points across, one person familiar with the matter said. Trump totally dominates the discussion, leaving the prime minister with five or ten seconds to speak before he interrupts and launches into another monologue.

He loves to talk. One of his people said that the other day, I forget who or where. You might think he wouldn’t, since he has so little to say and so few words…but then again we all know people like that, so there you go.

There are few things that drive me crazier, I have to say. WHY are you talking so much when you have so NOTHING to say, I always think. The ones with oft-repeated Anecdotes are the worst.

It all goes back to Barney Frank’s rule: be interesting or shut up.

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