The White House is preparing talking points

The buzz is that they’re getting closer to firing Rosenstein.

The White House is preparing talking points designed to undermine Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s credibility, according to sources familiar with the plan.

The plan calls on President Donald Trump’s allies to cast Rosenstein as too conflicted to fairly oversee the Russia investigation.

Too “conflicted” how? Because Trump has been so busy trashing him for months? That’s how this mob operates: “he can’t testify against me, I’ve given him far too many reasons to hate me!”

Efforts to undermine Rosenstein in the media come as the President is weighing whether to fire the top official overseeing the Russia investigation.

Trump is still livid about the raid on his private attorney Michael Cohen — “He’ll be pissed about it until he dies,” another source said — and he and his allies are increasingly convinced that Mueller and Rosenstein have overstepped their bounds.

Well, “convinced” – what does that mean in Trump’s case? He doesn’t have enough ratiocination to be anything properly called “convinced” – he’s just more or less devoted to any particular lie.

One area of conflict the White House wants its surrogates to highlight: Rosenstein’s role as a key witness to the Comey firing, sources said. Rosenstein wrote the memo justifying Comey’s dismissal. It centered on his conduct in investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of private email.

In a somewhat illogical pairing, the White House is also looking for Trump’s allies to cast Rosenstein and Comey as close colleagues — even though Rosenstein helped provide the basis for Comey’s firing.

What I’m saying. Trump doesn’t think, he just throws stuff at the wall, and his “allies” follow suit.

Trump himself has remained preoccupied with the Russia investigation, even as his administration weighs launching strikes in Syria in response to a chemical gas attack. Twelve minutes before Sean Hannity was set to hit the airwaves on Wednesday, his most powerful regular viewer seemed to know what was in store.

“Big show tonight on @seanhannity!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “9:00 P.M. on @FoxNews.”

As presidents do.

What followed was a nearly hour-long screed on the swirl of perceived Justice Department offenses against Trump and a preemptive strike against James Comey, the FBI director Trump fired who embarks next week on a book tour.

Thirty minutes into the television program that Trump promoted on Wednesday, attorney Joseph DiGenova — who nearly joined Trump’s legal team before withdrawing because of conflicts — barked his instructions.

“Rod Rosenstein is so incompetent, compromised and conflicted that he can no longer serve as deputy attorney general, and Jeff Sessions now has an obligation to the President of the United States to fire Rod Rostenstein,” he said, his voice raised in anger.

He wasn’t alone. Earlier on Fox, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich described Rosenstein as ineffective at keeping Mueller within bounds.

“The fact is Rod Rosenstein has not done his job. He has not supervised Mueller. This whole thing is an absurdity,” Gingrich declared on “Fox and Friends,” the regular soundtrack of Trump’s early mornings. “The fact is, this is a left-wing bureaucracy at Justice. It is anti-Trump. It is anti-Republican.”

Left-wing ffs.

If he does…we won’t have time to do anything else.

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