“This is a dispute that will always exist I suspect”

This fucking fool.

Oh they should have had armed protection. So what’s he saying? That there should be armed protection everywhere? Supermarkets for instance, like that Kroger in Jeffersontown, Kentucky where a white guy shot two black people to death a few days ago? But what if the security guard is in aisle 10 so the shooter goes to aisle 2 to shoot people there? It would take a lot of armed security to cover the whole space, and the parking lot (the shooter killed one victim in the parking lot). Now multiply that times every supermarket, bank, drugstore, hardware store, shoe store, and every other store of every kind – then add schools, churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, office buildings, factories, hospitals, sports venues, parks, beaches – any place at all that people gather – it’s a bit of a drain on personnel, isn’t it.

Plus that’s a lot of armed security guards. How would we know none of them would go rogue? How would they be screened before hiring to make sure none of them are seeking the job precisely so that they can shoot up the store themselves?

Also what the fuck does he mean “This is a dispute that will always exist I suspect”? What “dispute”? Shooting people is not a “dispute,” it’s mass murder. Does he mean anti-Semitism? That needn’t “always exist.” It exists now because of people exactly like him: people who promote it and fan it and cheer it on.

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