Trump wants a great climate

Now he’s there and he’s still talking the same stupid shit there on the ground. It’s a wonder no one has bashed his head against a tree – oh wait no it isn’t, there are no trees left.

After touring some of the fire damage in Northern California, President Donald Trump was asked whether seeing the devastation changed his opinion on climate change.

“No, no I have a strong opinion. I want a great climate. We’re going to have that, and we are going to have that are very safe because we can’t go through this. Every year we go through this. We’re going to have safe forests and that’s happening as we speak,” he told reporters during a briefing at a command center in Chico, California.

Earlier at the center he was asked about the role of climate change in the recent California fires. He said, “Well I think we have a lot of factors. We have the management factor that I know Jerry has really been up on and very well and Gavin is going to — were going to be looking at that together.”

But the no rain factor and the dry dry dry timber factor and the rising temperatures factor will make the management factor look about as significant as the careful wiping of each needle one at a time factor.

Surrounded by fire damage, Trump told reporters it is “very sad to see it.”

He said a lot of people are unaccounted for and “some areas are beyond this” in terms of damage.

“Nobody thought this could happen,” Trump told reporters surrounded by burnt out trees and other remnants.

“Hopefully this is going to be the last one of these,” Trump said.

Without explaining himself, the President said the floors of the forests need to be taken care of and again talked about time needed to be spent on raking and cleaning.

That “nobody thought this could happen” class of remarks is just driving me crazy today – that childish way of attributing what he thinks and knows to everyone, as if all people on the planet were as ignorant and clueless and feckless and fucking out to lunch as he is. Many many people not only thought but knew this could happen, because they pay attention. Could tinder-dry forests cause terrible wild fires? Is that a thing that could happen? Yes, of course it is. Climate scientists, to name just one set of people, warn us about such things until they’re hoarse and out of breath. Of course they thought and understood and were aware it could happen. Trump didn’t because Trump is too busy hiding the evidence.

Also. Why does he wear the same stupid outfit for all disaster visits? The windbreaker over the white shirt spread bizarrely wide open so that it looks like a middy blouse? Huh? Why does he do that?

He can’t even wear a shirt right.

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