Ultimately to sabotage the census


That’s an enormous lie on a very important subject. (Also why cite 1965 when the census is every ten years on the tenth year? There was no census in 1965, they were 1960 and 1970. As Kyle Griffin says: the census is decennial.)

Maybe it’s not a lie but an Honest Mistake, but it’s her job not to make howlers like that. But it was probably a lie, probably by whatever quisling briefed her.

Ari Berman adds:

She also said the question was “necessary for the Department of Justice to protect voters, specifically to help us better comply with the Voting Rights Act.”

But Vanita Gupta, who led the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division under President Barack Obama and is now president of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, told me recently, “Voting rights enforcement has never depended on having that question on the [census] form since the enactment of the Voting Rights Act. That’s plainly a ruse to collect that data and ultimately to sabotage the census.”

To scare away the pesky brown foreigners.

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