Why can’t we do this thing that’s against the law?

John Kelly on his way out says hey Trump never ordered him to do anything illegal.

White House chief of staff John Kelly, who will depart President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday, told The Los Angeles Times in an extensive interview published Sunday that the president never ordered him to do anything illegal and added that the proposed border wall at the center of the government shutdown fight is not as it has been portrayed.

Listen, he also never sliced people’s arms off with a sword, so good news, right?

Kelly, set to be replaced by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who will serve as acting chief of staff, said he made sure the president had access to detailed information prior to making decisions, even though the president says publicly that he goes with his gut instinct.

“It’s never been: The president just wants to make a decision based on no knowledge and ignorance,” Kelly said. “You may not like his decision, but at least he was fully informed on the impact.”

Nope, not buying that. Kelly may have “made sure the president had access to detailed information” but that doesn’t mean Trump paid any attention to it. Kelly may have “fully informed” Trump in the sense of saying things to him and putting things in front of him, but that doesn’t mean Trump took a blind bit of notice. Do we think Trump can take in information? No we do not. We think Trump lives in his own head and hears only maybe 5% of what anyone says to him.

The retired Marine general said Trump often pressed him on his legal authority to do certain actions, asking, “Why can’t we do [something] this way?” Kelly added that he was not ordered to carry out any illegal action “because we wouldn’t have.”

Not because “it would be wrong” but “because we wouldn’t have.” Ringing endorsement of the character and integrity of the sack of hot air sitting in the White House.

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