A unicorn

Hold the phone – the Post says Trump has no plans to humiliate Kelly.

How can that be when Kelly’s leaving and Trump is a bully and coward? But the Post says it is so.

Kelly’s departure is anticlimactic, after months of the president’s musing about replacing him and complaining about his chief of staff to some advisers, even discussing possible successors. Still, the president did not diminish Kelly as he prepares to leave the White House, as he has done in other firings, and has no plans to humiliate Kelly, officials said. Current and former officials said Trump continues to respect Kelly, no matter how often the two men clashed.

I’m floored. He should get some kind of award, don’t you think? No plans to humiliate Kelly – it’s like a Christmas miracle.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump have battled for some time to replace Kelly, and the firing showed their continued influence in a West Wing where the president’s family members often have the last say.

The couple told others privately that Kelly shared damaging stories about them and had not always served the president well. For his part, Kelly joked that the couple was “playing government” and said they should never have been brought into the White House — and that the pair thought they did not have to follow the traditional rules.

Joked? That’s not a joke, it’s the straight-up truth. Of course they’re playing at government, because they have zero education or experience that would qualify them for even a low-level job in government, let alone senior adviser to the president. Playing at it is exactly what they’re doing.

The chief of staff has told others in the White House that Trump is ignorant of the workings of much of the government — including military operations, immigration laws and Congress — and that he is obsessed with his news coverage.

To “military operations, immigration laws and Congress” add everything else; he knows nothing about any of it. He’s a stupid, ignorant, lazy man with the intellectual curiosity of a flatworm.

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