Women are extremely happy

Oh, fucking hell. Sums it up.

Of course. Women simply don’t care about their own well-being, even in the sense of not wanting to be assaulted and nearly suffocated by men who pounce on them when the mood strikes. Women care only about the well-being of men. This works out very nicely because men too care only about the well-being of men, so everybody’s happy.

Actually they don’t, lots of men do care about the well-being of women and girls, including their wives, their sisters, their aunts. But men like that don’t count because they’re wimps, they’re losers, they’re politically correct, they’re SJWs. Real men, men who matter, like Trump and Kavanaugh and McConnell and Graham, don’t give a rat’s ass about the well-being of women. If a nice Catholic school boy like Brett Kavanaugh wants to assault some slutty girl at a gathering with older boys drinking beer then he has every right to do that, and she should be thanking him for not smothering her.

So by god don’t come whining to us about any sexual assaults ever again, because we don’t have to pay any attention and we’re not fucking going to.

Welcome to the new reality.

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