A fate worse than…

Andy Lewis, Le canard noir, tweeted an interesting letter:

Can you read it? Don’t forget to zoom in if it’s difficult.

The first point is that puberty blockers leave the young person in developmental limbo, without the pubertal hormones or secondary sexual characteristic that would tend to consolidate gender identity. One particular puberty blocker “promotes a continued desire to identify with the non-birth sex” while 73 to 88% of GD patients who don’t get blockers “eventually lose their desire to identify with the non-birth sex.”

What caught my attention there is the fact that that loss of desire to identify with the non-birth sex is seen by trans activists as a surrender, a loss, a cop-out, a capitulation to…some equivalent of The Bosses, The Man, The Power. But…why? Why is it seen as more woke to cling to GD than to wait a few years to see if it wouldn’t be easier and simpler just to go with it and fight the sexist stereotypes without surgery and lifelong meds?

It seems like dysphoria at existing at all, or at maturing. There are difficulties in all that, obviously, but Resistance is Futile. We can’t stay 15 or 20 forever, so what about accepting that and moving on and doing something useful? Just a thought.

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