A new load of old cobblers

Sarah Sanders gives her first press briefing since the invention of Post-it notes.

The first White House briefing in six weeks has begun as Sarah Sanders returns to podium in the White House briefing room with Russ Vought, the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget.

That’s ok, they’re busy, it’s not as if they have any obligation to keep the populace informed about what they’re doing to us.

Sanders says that Democrats should denounce Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitic comments in the same that Republicans denounced Steve King’s comments in support of white supremacy. President Donald Trump has yet to denounce King though.

Good people on both sides, both sides.

The national emergency was Trump’s patriotic duty.

Sarah Sanders won’t answer a question from NBC’s Hallie Jackson about whether Donald Trump truly believes that Democrats hate Jews.

In attacking Democrats for not forthrightly condemning Ilhan Omar’s most recent anti-Semitic comments, Sanders drew parallels to Trump’s willingness to condemn neo-Nazis in Charlottesville who marched carrying torches and proclaimed “Jews will not replace us.”

Sanders said: “The president has condemned neo-Nazis by and called then by name, which is what we are asking Democrats to do when they see this same type of hatred.”

Trump famously said after Charlottesville that there were very fine people on both sides.

When? When did Trump condemn neo-Nazis and call them by name?

But more than that…there’s the “shithole countries,” the neglect of Puerto Rico after the hurricane and the picking of fights with the mayor of San Juan, the constant relentless hate-mongering toward everyone south of the border, the birtherism, the murderous campaign against the Central Park 5, the telling April Ryan to “make an appointment” for him with the Congressional Black Caucus…there’s a long long list of blatantly racist garbage pouring out of the current president of the US, so no, he doesn’t get to posture about Ilhan Omar.

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