Another tool in the fight against human trafficking

Another clash between people who oppose the buying and selling of women and people who favor it:

A London sex-work researcher is adding her voice to the growing dismay over the police decision to begin releasing the names of men accused of buying sex, as a petition demanding police reverse the policy is launched.

Chief John Pare announced the new policy at last week’s police board meeting, touting the move as another tool in the fight against human trafficking.

The change was championed by the London Abused Women’s Centre and others advocating for an end to prostitution, but it drew a swift backlash from organizations representing sex workers and their allies advocating for the continuation of prostitution.

“I don’t know how the decision was made. It is a perfect illustration of ignoring research in favour of moralizing,” said Treena Orchard, a health studies researcher at Western University.

Moralizing? It’s moralizing to work to prevent trafficking? It’s worth sneering at those efforts in order to make sure prostitution remains a job option?

Experts have identified London as a hub for human trafficking — defined as the exploitation of people for profit through force, fraud or coercion — because of its location along Highway 401 between Toronto and the U.S. border.

Tut, more moralizing.


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