Be more inclusive of more men more loudly

Another event stamped CANCELED.

Had to why? Somebody has the flu? The pipes burst? All the roads and railways closed?


By “an inclusive approach in working with women” they of course mean inclusive of men who say they are women, which isn’t really an inclusive approach in working with women. It isn’t inclusive of women who think women shouldn’t be forced to “include” men who call themselves women in women-only events; it isn’t inclusive of women who would like to attend a genuinely women-only event for once. It’s “inclusive” along the axis of including men, but exclusive along the axis of being women-only.

Ironically it appears that the Audacious Women Festival doesn’t even have a policy of “exclusion” – the complaint seems to be that they didn’t word their “inclusive” policy quite absolutely enough.

Oh dear, not good enough – not good enough AT ALL. A man is a woman if he says she is, it’s that simple and who are you to demand that trans women be for all practical purposes indistinguishable from other women? Trans women are better than women, because they bring with them all the awesome of being male along with the magical power of saying “I am a woman.” The more manly they look the more required you are to be INCLUSIVE of them in women-only groups. Understood?

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