Trump has gone to Texas, even though he didn’t want to, so that he can…look studly on the border? Or something?

He does look hawt, you gotta admit.

CreditCreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

President Trump arrived in this border town Thursday on a trip that he did not want to take to discuss a crisis that Democrats say does not exist.

He’s helpless. If they tell him to go to this border town in Texas, he has to go.

But as the government shutdown neared the end of its third week, the president left Washington with no additional negotiations scheduled with congressional leaders. In remarks to reporters on Thursday, Mr. Trump left open the possibility of declaring a state of emergency, which could allow him to bypass Congress to fund the wall.

Asked if he would make such a declaration, an action that would likely face legal challenges, Mr. Trump said: “If this doesn’t work out, probably I will do it. I would almost say definitely.”

If what doesn’t work out? His trip to the border in Texas? He expects that to “work out”? Meaning, to convince the Democrats to agree to spending 5 billion dollars building his racist wall? Why would it do that? How could it?

In a meeting with network anchors on Tuesday ahead of his address to the nation, the president dismissed his trip to McAllen, a border community where crime is near a 30-year low, as a “photo op” that he was doing because his top communications advisers counseled him to.

I bet they didn’t advise him to tell network anchors that though.

In Texas, a crowd of supporters with flags and “build the wall” signs gathered near the Rio Grande before Air Force One landed on Thursday. While in Texas, Mr. Trump is expected to meet with Border Patrol officials who are being forced to work without pay because of the funding impasse.

Meet with them to do what? Tell them to hold garage sales? To make adjustments? To take up dog-walking?

To bolster his campaign for the wall, the president has also scheduled an interview with the Fox host Sean Hannity, who will broadcast his show Thursday night from McAllen. Mr. Hannity is one of the president’s highest-profile supporters and is highly influential among his political base.

Ah, great, that’s definitely the person we want running the country: Sean Hannity.

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