Bullying is NEVER acceptable

Stone the crows. Green Party Women on Facebook:

On the day before a general election, Green Party Women are shocked and deeply saddened at the investigation by Fair Play for Women that discloses several Green Party prospective parliamentary candidates using a misogynist slur on public platforms.

Our campaign launch, to ‘Make Misogyny a Hate Crime’, feels very hollow when we cannot set an example within our own party.

This reprehensible behaviour by a handful of candidates does not represent the values of the wider Green Party membership, nor the Party’s core values, and is completely unacceptable. Green Party Women are raising formal complaints against all party members involved.

We will never convince others to reach consensus in the fight against climate change or any issue, with such hostility and poor leadership and judgement. Bullying is NEVER acceptable.

Green Party Women unequivocally condemns the use of misogynist slurs and hate speech against women. We call upon prospective parliamentary candidates of ALL parties to conduct themselves in a civil and respectful manner during the election campaign, and beyond.

Lots of comments defending the practice of calling women ‘TERFs” though.

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